Retail Operations can now communicate, measure and monitor implementation

Central Communications

Retail Operations can now manage workload of everyday or ad-hoc tasks and general communication with ease. Setting up messages and sending out to departments and stores with a feature rich, yet simple solution, gives complete visibility so you can track accepted and completed tasks in real-time.

Communications are sent to the stores dashboard and appear in our build-in calendar to keep stores totally focused and deadlines delivered.

Like much of our software functionality the task management system has been built with the help of our retail customers direct feedback. The key to keep it simple enough to use, easy enough for stores to keep track of tasks and a simple approach to see tasks through from accepted to completed.

Key features include; Outlook integration, sign of by area mgr, upload pictures, add attachments, set recurrence, customise your own categories and rank poor performers.

Our Task Management system enables store, area and Head Office personnel to disseminate and monitor all tasks via a simple interface, with colour-coded progress indicators.

Monitor your sale-floor performance from any device

Monitor performance throughout the day

Measure stores, areas and regions against target

Review performance today, by week, period, season or year to date

Measure real-time retail metrics anytime, anywhere

Engage sales-floor staff to take advantage of the busiest times

Understand changes in shopper flow and peak visitor times

Optimise your sales-floor for success

Real-time actionable insight into shopper behaviour.

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