Retail People Counting Solution

StoreTech Retail Performance Solution

Retail Clients Increase Sales by 5 - 10% with our Footfall Solution.

StoreTech measures footfall and presents this as real-time, actionable intelligence to aid smarter, data-driven decisions.

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Invaluable Footfall Insight

Our footfall counting solution consists of a powerful web portal and the world's no.1 people counters. Our solution will empower you to convert more store visitors to customers.

Real-time KPI's

At store level, branch staff have real time visibility of KPIs such as conversion rates and average yield. They can then make local decisions every half an hour to improve those numbers.

Staff to Demand

The Staff Planner enables you to match staffing to demand, even scheduling in the non-selling tasks to make sure the right number of staff, are doing the right things at the right time.

Multi-site Visibility

Meanwhile head office and field teams can monitor performance effectively and objectively, across all areas, throughout each trading day.

Performance Dashboards

Sales floor staff and managers in branches find it very motivational as our simple dashboards keeps them fully engaged with store performance.

What We Do

The StoreTech solution takes data feeds from a full suite of customer counting hardware, both traditional counting technologies and Wi-Fi location analytics. Along with integration with the retailers EPoS system to allow us to deliver real-time performance metrics such as conversion rates, dwell times and bounce rates.

This helps our retail customers to operationalise the data, in order to drive sales in their bricks and mortar stores.

Presenting sales and visitor data via our target-based performance dashboards ensures staff at store level are focused on driving conversion and making the best of whatever opportunity is walking through their door.

Using our simple and fully integrated staff planner, which uses the customer traffic data to ensure our retailers have the right number of staff at the right times, doing the right things; scheduling to demand off the back of each stores unique footfall patterns delivers the greatest results.

A more recent addition to our solution is the newly integrated task management component, which allows head office to distribute tasks and events to stores. Built-in tracking of progress allows for visibility and operational excellence.

Retail People Counting Solution

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