How to Engage with customers like never before

Customer journey insight

Imagine being able to provide your store managers with the ability to view e-commerce-style metrics in real time for their store.

Are my front window displays engaging?

Which department generated higher dwell?

How many visitors browse but don’t engage?

By providing visibility around customer walk-by's, visitation and in-store behaviour they can connect insights and in-store activity to real results and create a shopping experience driven by customer input.

On average, retailers see a 15% increase in basket size by extending the time customers spend in store by just 30 seconds.

Do you drive your business like Lewis Hamilton drives a car

Heatmapping the customer journey, dwell time, engagement and ultimately conversion empowers the store team to focus their effort and attention on service which pays off in terms of customer experience, service levels and store performance.

Gather … Analyse…Deliver… Optimise 

Using insightful visitor information you can optimize your physical space to expand and revamp customer interactions and create a connection with customers sooner to maximize opportunity and efficiency.


The total number of potential customers who physically pass in front of, or walk by, your store. Each walk-by represents an individual who, if managed correctly, can convert to a walk-in customer and eventually a sale.

Walk-by traffic is also useful for determining which marketing, branding, or sales efforts are most effective at attracting new customers.


The total number of people who physically enter, or walk-in your store. Not to be confused with walk-by, walk-in individuals have shown increased interest to buy and are most likely to result in sales.

Understanding the correlation between walk-by traffic and walk-in traffic helps business owners take actionable steps to increase engagement.

If you’d like to find out about the latest AI-powered algorithms that help turn information about visitor behaviour into actionable analytics that include visitor flow (heatmap), dwell time, display engagement, and more get in touch

Behaviour Analytics

Discover the benefits of a people counting solution

People counting insight to measure the opportunity, optimise performance and improve the customer experience


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