Everything you need to know about people counting.

Moss Bros People Counting Solution

Increase your sales with the help of a footfall solution

Moss Bros use StoreTech's people counting solution to deliver 6% growth.

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Footfall analytics drives conversion improvement

Clarks use StoreTech's people counting solution to help them grow their business.

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Clarks People Counting Solution
River Island People Counting Solution

Dynamic footfall and conversion solution

River Island use StoreTech's people counting solution to help them monitor footfall and conversion.

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Clarks increases sales with customer tracking

The Clarks pilot achieved an average sales increase of around 8%.

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Clarks Footall Counting
Guide to increasing footfall

Ultimate guide to increasing footfall in retail stores

How can bricks and mortar retail compete with online?
There's no doubt that online spending is increasing – lives are busy, online shopping is convenient. This sounds like bad news for retailers, but it’s not the whole story. Sure, the customer attraction game is changing – consumers have more choice so you have to fight harder to win their custom. But if you’re willing to play the game you can offer things that no online retailer can compete with.

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Retail customer insight

Five ways to ensure your staff schedule matches customer demand

Schedule to the opportunity.
It’s an obvious fact – deploying staff to match customer demand will result in a better customer experience. And, ultimately, a better customer experience means better conversion and more money in the till. But it is easier said than done. At StoreTech we’ve spent years researching and refining the process, and distilled what we’ve learnt into one very simple, highly intuitive tool. 

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Retail customer experience

Measuring customer behaviour to improves sales

Business is slow. But as far as you can tell, nothing has changed. You’re doing everything as you always have done, and yet fewer people are coming to your store. And those that do, are spending less money.

And that’s a problem.

But what's the cause?

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Maximising footfall opportunity

Maximising footfall opportunity infographic

Installing a footfall system is all about collecting valuable data about your business. Which you can analyse to understand trends and demand. In turn leads you to optimise the opportunity to boost conversion and improve productivity.  

Read our top 40 list on ways to maximise the footfall opportunity and then download our infographic.

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Manage staff costs

How to manage staff cost

There are a lot of costs involved with running a physical store such as the rent of the building and the utility bills. But in most cases, the single largest expense is staff wages and these tend to grow on an annual basis, regardless of whether profits are growing by the same margins. Managing staff costs is one of the biggest challenges for employers across the fashion and clothing industry.

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Customer tracking technologies

How analytics create better in-store experiences and added value for retailers

A few years back, there were many people saying that the days of the high street store were limited and that we would all soon be shopping exclusively online. Yet data shows this isn’t the case and that people still want to shop from a store where possible, even when they have researched an item online. But in order to keep those customers coming back, stores need to create a better in-store experience and add value for both themselves and their customers. And the key to doing this is the use of in-store analytics.

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Retail customer behaviour

Five reasons why in-store retail analytics is important for your business

Every retail business wants to have more customers, sell more to each customer and have them come back to shop again the next time they need those items. To do this, a store needs to offer them the products they want at the right prices. But they also need to offer the right customer experience. Managing all these elements can be tricky and this is why stores are increasingly using in-store retail analytics. Here are 5 reasons why this software is important for your business.

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Retail instore analytics

How in-store analytics can improve the retail experience

With the phenomenal growth of the internet, many people thought that the high street retail store was on borrowed time. A string of big name stores going into administration and ceasing to trade seemed to back the idea. But moving through the recession and out into better times, it is clear that the customer still values the high street store. It is also clear that stores need to offer the best possible retail experience to wow customers and keep them coming back – and in-store analytics is one way to help do this.

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Increase store performance

How to increase store footprints using in-store analytics

In 2016 Retail was the UK’s largest private sector employer, with approximately 2.9 million employees – this figure is set to rise to 3.3 million this year. An estimated 18% of these employees were senior officials or managers. There are approximately 287,000 retail outlets in the UK – and retail sales reached £321 billion in 2016, with more than a third of consumer spending going through shops. Using data from a variety of sources to optimise your stores, can potentially increase your footprint without necessarily having to lay out the cost of physical expansion.

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Retail customer insight

Why buyers and planners need in-store analytics

As more retailers turn to use in-store analytics to help understand shoppers and improve their experience, there is a great deal of focus on marketing, store operations and the customer experience. But there is also a lot of use from such analytics for other departments around the store. Here we look at why buyers and planners need in-store analytics.

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Retail analytics

Why are in-store retail analytics important to retail performance?

The importance of data and analytics isn’t a new concept but for high street retail stores, the amount of data available has always been limited compared to online competitors. However, with the growth of in-store retail analytics, businesses can finally monitor retail performance in a range of new ways. Businesses can also make informed decisions around a number of important metrics using the data.

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Offline analytics

What sort of data analytics are available for brick & mortar businesses?

For many businesses, a successful model includes the combination of physical stores and an online presence. Online, customers are used to our every move being tracked and websites gently spying on them to learn what they like and what they don’t. Now systems inspired by these online norms are available for physical brick and mortar businesses. But what sort of systems can be used to collect this data and how can its interpretation help business success on the high street?

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Retail offline analytics

What analytics do offline retailers want to see?

For many years, when it came to customer analytics, the online world had it all and the offline retailers had gut instinct and experience with little hard data to back it. But times are changing and an increasing amount of data is now available in legitimate ways to offline retailers. So what kind of analytics do they want to see and what benefits can it have for them?

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Retail customer analytics

Proven ways retailers can compete with online stores

It is an undoubted fact that customers are looking more and more to online services for their shopping needs – but this does not mean that traditional brick and mortar stores can’t compete, or indeed thrive.

There are certain areas where online outlets are at a disadvantage compared to their retail store equivalents – identifying these areas and ensuring they are optimised will aid your business in competing with these companies.

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Instore retail insight

How in-store data is changing the way retailers reach customers

Understanding store data means understanding your customers, meeting their needs, and predicting future trends. It is an essential part of running a retail business; not only from a financial point of view – but as a way of expanding brand identity, trust and establishing a reputation as an industry leader.

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Retail trends

How retailers can keep up with retail consumer trends

The retail industry has seen the greatest changes in recent years with the rise of social media and smartphones. No longer can they guarantee people will simply walk into a store and buy their merchandise. Nor can they be certain that loyal customers will remain so regardless of prices on offer. So how can retailers keep up with the latest consumer trends?

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Customer insight data

Retail KPIs – don’t accept anything but real-time

You are a share dealer. To make the best investment decisions you are given a choice of two sources of information, the prices in the Financial Times newspaper or real-time quotes. Which would you choose?

You are a foreign exchange dealer. You are given a choice of two sources of information, the rates in the Wall Street Journal or live prices. Which would you choose?

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Real-time Retail Insight

Do you drive your business like Lewis Hamilton drives a car

Imagine driving a car where the speedometer and the fuel gauge only displayed figures from the previous day. Rather than risk a speeding fine or running out of petrol, you would ignore the dashboard and resort to estimating your current situation – no doubt getting yourself into some serious trouble along the way.

Simply put, when driving a car, having access to a dashboard that updates in real-time is essential.

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