Real-time performance data so you can make smarter - faster decisions

Performance Dashboards that drive real-time improvements in behaviours

Analytics of any kind can be confusing, often difficult to make sense of the large amount of data and a headache to decide on what to focus on.

For over 20 years StoreTech has lead with a simple, intuitive and highly effective target-based dashboard performance management solution. We make sense of your data analytics, by presenting it in a user-friendly way, so that you know exactly what KPI's to focus on and what action to take.

Easy-to-use Performance Dashboards

Monitor your performance in real-time, throughout the day

Measure sites, areas and regions against your key performance indicators

Review performance throught the day or by week, period, season and year to date

Our at-a-glance dashboards can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on any device with a browser

Target driven KPI's really does engage staff to deliver the right behaviours

Understand changes in footfall patterns and how they affect performance

Optimise your Performance

Real-time actionable insight Dashboards.

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