Real-time Retail Insight Performance Dashboards

Real-time Insight with Performance Dashboards

Drive performance improvements with smarter - faster data driven decisions.

Powerful Actionable Insight

Analytics of any kind can be confusing, often difficult to make sense of the large amount of data and a headache to decide on what to focus on.

For over 20 years StoreTech has lead with a simple, intuitive and highly effective target-based dashboard performance management solution. We make sense of your data analytics, by presenting it in a user-friendly way, so that you know exactly what KPI's to focus on and what action to take.

All our dashboards are built with the end user in mind, simple and easy to use, available on any device with a browser; mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. If you are in the field, or customer facing, you need information quickly on your performance so you can act on it fast to ensure the very best service standards are maintained.

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Actionable real-time insight on any device with a browser.


Monitor your performance in real-time, throughout the day.

Monitor all locations

Measure sites, areas and regions against your key performance indicators.


Review performance through the day or by week, period, season and year to date.

Anywhere, any device

Our at-a-glance dashboards can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on any device with a browser.

Target focus

Target driven KPI's really do engage staff to deliver the right behaviours.

Trends in traffic

Understand changes in footfall patterns and how they affect performance.

Operationalising in-store retail analytics

Smarter data-driven decisions

One of the latest ‘big things’ in retail is the prevalence of in-store analytics, enabling retailers to monitor customer activity within their physical ‘bricks and mortar’ stores in a similar way to the way they are able to monitor customer activity on their website.

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    A Powerful Performance Management Solution

    Highly evolved, and easy-to-use, with powerful footfall and performance insight on any device with a browser.

    Performance heatmaps

    Performance Heatmaps

    With data rich insight into your footfall traffic. You can understand the opportunity and demand throughout the day, and against multiple sites. 

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    Staff to demand

    Staff to Traffic

    Our build-in scheduler uses your visitor patterns to recommend the idea rota. Meaning you can optimise your staffing requirements based around the demand. 

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    Task management

    Task Management

    Work smarter; communicate, measure and monitor implementation across your business with ease. Drive performance and improve in-store execution. 

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