Understand your business in as much detail as online analytics

Actionable Insight

Offline stores have long been envious of the level of analytics that online stores have access to but with software providers such as StoreTech, this gap can be bridged. Physical stores can have the kind of customer analytics that was previously available online and can make business decisions from a data-driven viewpoint.

Being able to make decisions based on hard data creates a ‘target and achievement’ culture within stores. It enables managers of all levels to make decisions based on real-time data and to quickly make adjustments when situations dictate.

The staff scheduling component is one example. Customers like to see staff available to help but not standing idle, with nothing to do. Using analytics helps managers plan staff schedules based on data, not gut instinct. It also allows the adjustment in scheduling when situations show that it is required, such as for seasonal events or holidays.

Busy staff are productive staff and are also more motivated. This creates a better customer experience and ensures staff are happier in their roles. Shift systems are clear and data driven, eliminating the feeling of bias and ensures they always have something to do.

The StoreTech performance dashboard means that managers can view store metrics across several fields while higher level management can look at store, area, region and company level to identify trends and issues.

Making sense of in-store analytics

Watch our video to discover why monitoring customer activity in-store provides your business with a powerful operational tool.

Monitor your sale-floor performance from any device

Monitor performance throughout the day

Measure stores, areas and regions against target

Review performance today, by week, period, season or year to date

Measure real-time retail metrics anytime, anywhere

Engage sales-floor staff to take advantage of the busiest times

Understand changes in shopper flow and peak visitor times

Optimise your sales-floor for success

Real-time actionable insight into shopper behaviour.

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