Real-time SMS or email alerts
tell staff when a metric threshold has been reached

Actionable Alerting

You are busy all day, almost no time to check key performance metrics. Well now you can configure your own alerts for any KPI of your choice.

Using SMS or email, you are free to customise the alert directly from our powerful web portal. Select a metric, a threshold and who will recieve the alert. Then set up a message that will be sent via SMS or email. It's as easy as that. Your own custom alert system, to keep you focused and driven, so you can take action as soon as you need to.

Powerful performance alerts that delivers improvements fast

Instant real-time alerts via SMS or email when a threshold is reached

Set your own thresholds for any key performance indicator direct within our portal

Customise a message or action to be sent along with your performance alert

Alerts mean customer facing staff no longer need to keep checking the portal for updates

Ideal for field managers and front line staff

Extremely effective to focus teams on KPI's that require urgent attention

Optimise your Performance

Real-time key performance alerts.

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