People Counting Solutions to Optimise Performance

There are a variety of people counting sensors on the market. At StoreTech we are hardware agnostic, so with 23 years experience we test and select the best of breed technologies from around the world and integrate them with our cloud portal. 

People counters

People Counters

People counting technology has come a long way from the original break beam sensors. The latest IoT sensors are highly accurate, and robust PoE devices. Learn more about people counters »

Occupancy counters

Occupancy Counters

Measuring and limiting occupancy maybe a fairly new requirement for businesses. The latest IoT devices deliver highly accurate real-time insight. Learn more about occupancy counters »

Location analytics

Wi-Fi Location Analytics

Optimise your performance with data rich Wi-Fi location analytics. Dwell time, 1st time visits, repeat visits, and passer-by behaviour insight for your business.Learn more about Wi-Fi analytics »

flexicount sensors

Flexicount Sensors

Our new brand Flexicount, takes our retail solution and delivers new insight so Facilities managers and building owners can understand space utilisation. Learn more  about Flexicount sensors »

A Powerful Performance Management Solution

Highly evolved, and easy-to-use, with powerful footfall and performance insight on any device with a browser.

Performance dashboards

Performance Dashboards

Optimise your performance with simple, clear summary and multi-site dashboards. It's easy to make smarter - faster data driven decisions in real-time. 

Learn more about performance dashboards »

Staff to demand

Staff to Traffic

Our build-in scheduler uses your visitor patterns to recommend the idea rota. Meaning you can optimise your staffing requirements based around the demand. 

Learn more about staff to demand scheduling »

Performance heatmaps

Performance Heatmaps

With data rich insight into your footfall traffic. You can understand the opportunity and demand throughout the day, and against multiple sites. 

Learn more about performance heatmaps »

Task management

Task Management

Work smarter; communicate, measure and monitor implementation across your business with ease. Drive performance and improve in-store execution. 

Learn more about task management »

5 ways to improve your current people counting solution

1. Integrate with your sales

We always recommend integrating your sales data into our solution. We accept a simple half-hour summary file send via SFTP. Doing this allows us to present the number retail metric; conversion rate throughout the day.

2. Accurate people counting data

Users need to trust the people counter data. Without accurate sensor data, the system will be ignored and it will never be embedded into the business. We provide remote validations and ongoing data checks to ensure consistency and accuracy. 

3. Full data access

The people counter data is yours, and therefore we give full access to it, anytime. We can provide push APIs, or file export feeds into your business reporting suite. Whilst standard users can download their data directly from the portal.

4. Integrated staff planner

Using the people counting sensor data to align staffing to demand has the greatest benefit of improving your performance. For this reason, our portal was always built with a simple drop and drag staff planner with the ability to make recommendations on the number of staff required based on your unique historical people counter data.

5. Advanced people counting visualisations

Not only does our portal have custom-made dashboards and data tables and charts built to bring the data alive and give you actionable insight into your key performance metrics. We also provide custom-built PowerBi visualisation reports embedded within the portal and built around your key business KPIs.