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People counting has come a long way from the days of someone standing in the door with a discreet notepad, scoring how many customers enter the store. Our modern solution makes use of clever technologies to provide insight into customer numbers.

There are four main ways that people counting data are collected – through traditional traffic counters such as cameras, using Wi-Fi detection hotspots, Bluetooth engagement and the detection of smartphones. StoreTech makes use of these technologies to create a clearer picture of who is entering your store(s) and what they are doing once they are in it.

For example, Wi-Fi detection hotspots use the facility on smartphones that means they will automatically seek out the nearest Wi-Fi connection in any location. Of course, customers need to have this setting turned on for it to work but surveys show that the majority of people don’t turn off Wi-Fi detection when they leave home.

Bluetooth engagement is a more sophisticated way of counting customers and uses the Bluetooth setting on a smartphone. However, it is an opt-in technology whereby customers need to have opted in to have these notifications. Once they say yes to it, stores can use proximity enabled systems to send Bluetooth notifications. Cellular detection systems pick up devices that are connected to the mobile network but are very expensive to install within stores.

StoreTech uses a combination of traditional people counting through cameras and the use of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the store to collect data on people numbers and activity that can be used to make informed business decisions.

The power of people counting

What time of day should I expect the most shoppers?

When is the best time to plan staff breaks?

Is my store affected by the manager's day off?

What affect does a promotion have on traffic?

Does my store have the right number of contracted hours?

Do we carry out tasks at the right times of day?

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