People Counters to Optimise Performance

For over 23 years StoreTech has integrated with the world's best people counting technologies on the market to help businesses optimise their operations.

Footfall insight into actionable analytics

People counting technology has come a long way from the days of someone standing in the door with a discreet notepad, scoring how many customers enter the store. Our modern solution makes use of clever technologies to provide insight into customer numbers.

There are a number of ways that people counting data is collected – through traditional video traffic counters or thermal imaging people counters, the use of high end time of flight sensors, using Wi-Fi detection hotspots, Bluetooth engagement and the detection of smart phones.

StoreTech makes use of all these technologies to create a clearer picture of who is entering your space, be that a bricks and mortar retail store, a museum or gallery, and office buildings.

Wi-Fi detection hotspots use the facility on smart phones that means they will automatically seek out the nearest Wi-Fi connection in any location. Of course, customers need to have this setting turned on for it to work but surveys show that the majority of people don’t turn off Wi-Fi detection when they leave home. This allows for anonymous detection and location behaviour analytics including metrics like; dwell time, repeat visits, passer-by's, bounce and 1st time visits.

Using a combination of traditional people counters and Wi-Fi hotspots we are able to provide real-time insight just like the online world of analytics, thus allowing the real-world to make smarter data-driven business decisions.

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Why use people counters?

Powerful people counting insight, so you can make the most relevant business decisions.


What time of day should I expect the most footfall?

Effective resources

When is the best time to plan staff breaks?

Staff to demand

Does my site have the right number of contracted hours?

Performance focus

What affect does a promotion have on traffic?

Smart planning

Is my site affected by the manager's day off?


Do we carry out tasks at the right times of day?

Real-time Occupancy solution

Do you need to set limits on the number of people in your space?

Unlock your potential and optimise the customer experience.

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Live occupancy sensor

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How do you calculate footfall?

Using the latest time of flight infrared sensors, customers and visitors are counted accurately and anonymously from an overhead sensor. The latest IoT devices are highly accurate at >99% and offer complete privacy by being infrared.

For more information please see: How Does Customer Tracking Technology Work in Offline Retail Stores?

What type of sensors are used to count people?

You may see them called people counter, footfall sensor, door counter, or traffic counter. They all deliver the same basic principle of people tracking using video, thermal, and time of flight technologies.

How do people counters work?

People counters or footfall counters are sensor technologies that capture the movement of people within the field of view. Using infrared, or video detection they can all provide accurate, reliable, and consistent data to monitor and measure the number of visitors at the entrance, exit. They can also be mounted internally at key points like stairs or lifts to give you a view of floor utilisation. The best-of-breed devices are ideal for providing live occupancy data.