People Counters Case Study

Moss Bros used StoreTech to deliver 6% growth

StoreTech supported sales growth of 6% for us. We have a robust growth plan for this year, and we firmly believe StoreTech alone will deliver that growth for us.

Marita Sullivan
Retail Operations Director, Moss Bros

Delivering Performance Improvement

An institution on Britain's high street, Moss Bros has over 165 years of expertise providing quality tailoring to generations of men. Now they are using StoreTech's powerful suite of tools in their 120 stores to help meet their ambitious growth plans.

The Challenge

The Moss Bros brand has always made customer service a crucial point of differentiation. But with costs increasing in line with initiatives like the Living Wage, the challenge set for StoreTech was to continue enhancing their service culture through recruitment and performance management, whilst keeping costs in check.

The Solution

A pilot scheme was launched in five stores with three core objectives - to capture more accurate footfall data, improve efficiency of staff deployment, and motivate and engage staff to improve conversion. Five similar size stores where chosen to act as a control group for the pilot stores, ensuring results were fairly bench marked.

StoreTech provided training to store managers and implemented proactive measures to engage staff at every level.

The Result

The stores in the pilot scheme saw a sales uplift of 6% when compared to the control group, far exceeding the retailers expectations. StoreTech helped Moss Bros match staff to demand, increase sales, improve the customer experience, and motivate staff by involving them in operational decisions, making the pilot scheme successful in every KPI.

Next Steps

The pilot scheme was so successful that Moss Bros is now rolling out StoreTech to the entire estate of 120 stores. They firmly believe that StoreTech alone will deliver on their ambitious growth plans for 2018 and beyond.

The anticipated return-on-investment is between £3 million - £5 million/year.

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