Dwell time, repeat visits, and passer by insight into customer behaviour

Measure Behaviour

Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our lives and most of our smartphones automatically connect to the nearest hotspot as we move around the world. Now, stores can utilise this location data to create a picture of what customers do in and around their store.

Location analytics allows you to see what your customers do in store through the movement of their smartphone and its connection to Wi-Fi hotspots. The data doesn’t contain any personal information so there are no concerns about data protection rules but does create an impersonal Wi-Fi identity for each customer.

This data allows you to see how many customers enter the store and walk along Aisle 1 or how many go straight to Aisle 3. It helps you understand how many are walking past that new promotion at the end of Aisle 7 or whether it would be better placed in the centre of Aisle 8. These are just a couple of ideas of the data-driven decisions you can make when you use StoreTech to understand what your customers do while in your store.

Wi-Fi Detection