Leisure & Tourism

StoreTech measures footfall and presents this as real-time, actionable intelligence to aid smarter, data-driven leisure and tourism businesses

People counting for Leisure & Tourism

Our footfall counting solution consists of a powerful web portal and the world's no.1 people counters. Our solution will empower you to fully understand visitor patterns and enhance the customer experience.

Here are the key elements to our powerful web portal;

  • At site level, staff have real time visibility of KPIs such as conversion rates and average yield. They can then make local decisions every half an hour around what they can do to improve those numbers.
  • Meanwhile head office and field teams monitor performance effectively and objectively, across all areas, throughout each trading day.
  • Staff on site find it very motivational as the simple dashboard keeps them fully engaged with visitor numbers and performance.
  • The Staff Planner enables them to match staffing to demand, even scheduling in the non-selling tasks to make sure the right number of staff are doing the right things at the right time.



Our real-time performance dashboards help you monitor your sites KPI's throughout the day. Fully customisable for site, field and head office users to drive service and performance.

StoreTech Performance Dashboard


Improve productivity, manage cost and deliver a better customer experience with our simple drag and drop staff planner. Using historical visitor data to schedule staff to demand.


Your central operations can communication to sites with ease with advanced functionality to monitor and track compliance to ensure tasks have been read, actioned and completed.

StoreTech Task Management Solution

Monitor your performance using our smart tech

Monitor performance throughout the day

Measure by site, location, area and region

Review data today, by week, period, season or year to date

Avoid overspending on resources

Empower staff to make data-based decisions

Match staffing levels to actual demand

Uncover the hidden potential

Real-time actionable insight into visitor behaviour.

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