20 years of world class innovation, with 400,000 people counters installed worldwide

Irisys Advanced People Counting Camera

Irisys pioneered the use of infrared thermal imaging in people counting. They are the world's no.1 supplier of people counting devices with over 400,000 deployed worldwide.

These devices are highly accurate, consistent and reliable which makes them our preferred choice for most retail environments. The intelligent thermal sensing technology detects people's heat to track and interpret their presence and direction of movement. Algorithms combine behavioural and spatial analytics to give valuable performance data.

Irisys Gazelle DualView™

Designed-for-purpose thermal detection people counting device with optics, sensor, signal processing and interfacing electronics all contained within a custom housing. The counter is used in a downward looking configuration and functions by detecting the heat emitted by people passing underneath, using this information to track and count people.

The Gazelle DualView device features a video camera within the housing. The video camera is capable of viewing a ‘3 counter wide’ area on the floor, so one video equipped unit provides coverage of its own thermal view, plus the thermal view of a unit either side i.e. three thermal units in total. The sensing area of the detector is a square on the floor, with width approximately equal to mounting height (e.g. when mounted at 3.5m a 60˚ unit ‘sees’ a 3.25 x 3.25m square on the floor).

Key Features:

  • Aesthetic and unobtrusive bulkhead mounting, with IP cable entries hidden from view
  • Fully recessed design for true in-ceiling mounting
  • Full Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability
  • Secure SSL IP protocol
  • Surface or recess mounting
  • Push data configuration to output data from within enduser firewalls
  • WideTrackerTM capability for up to 8 units, allowing for effective coverage of entrances up to 36m wide at maximum mounting height
  • 60˚ and 40˚ lens options available for use over a wide range of mounting heights 60˚ (2.2 - 4.8m) and 40˚ (4.0 - 7.5m).
  • Integrated video camera for configuration and count accuracy determination.
  • Full remote configuration capability
  • Highly accurate, verifiable counting performance

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