Irisys People Counters Installed by StoreTech

Irisys is the most widely used high end people counting and behaviour analytics technology in the world. StoreTech is a gold Irisys partner for over 15 years and install their IoT devices in a variety of environments.

The world's most advanced people counting device

Intelligent innovations help deliver Actionable Analytics, Accurate Insight and Improved Customer Service to data users everywhere, every day.

Vector 4D is the latest innovative product from Irisys. Developed based on customer feedback over many years, it is highly accurate and boasts advanced dwell and staff detection features.

This objective data goes beyond people counting and enables businesses to make informed decisions that improve customer experience, save money and increase profits.

StoreTech's long history of providing robust, reliable, accurate people counting data wouldn't be possible without being fully integrated with these best of breed IoT sensors.

Devices can be installed by our preferred certified engineers, or we can pre-configure devices and provide instructions for self-installation.

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Irisys Time of Flight People Counters

Helping Smart Businesses to go beyond people counting and optimise the customer experience


Privacy protected as customers and staff are not personally identifiable.

Works in darkness

Unaffected by darkness, bright sunshine, reflective surfaces or patterned carpets.

Multi unit

Seamlessly connect multiple units together to cover large areas and wide openings.

Staff detection

Remove staff from counts or count staff specifically.


Count children and adults based on height measurements.


Measure the length of time customers spend in defined areas.

Real-time Occupancy Solution

Improve employee and customer confidence, and reduce potential manual counting errors with an occupancy sensor. Ideal for retail, leisure or tourism venues, and the workplace.

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Occupancy people counting solutions

Irisys people counters

StoreTech has 23 years experience of people counting solutions and by partnering with Irisys for highly accurate, robust and reliable IoT sensors just makes sense. Our solution is fully integrated with these advanced people counting sensors.

Best of breed people counter

Connected to our highly evolved performance management cloud portal provides google analytics type data to real-world sites.

  • Optimise customer service
  • Increase store conversion rates
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Shorten customer queuing time
  • Save space, energy and money
  • Supports BACnet/IP
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Footfall data you can trust

Take a look at these videos which show just how good these edge IoT people counting devices really are.


The device emits invisible infrared light, which illuminates the scene below. Reflected light is detected and the time taken for it to return is used to identify people from objects and track their movements.

Simple tracking

Using infrared light, Vector 4D works perfectly in extreme sunlight or darkness. Not affected by shadows or reflections and works accurately in high contrast environments

Dwell time

Dwell time in defined zones can be measured in seconds. Data can be visualised in histograms.

Crowd counting

Works perfectly well in highly crowded environments from train stations to supermarkets and everywhere in between.


 People counting insight from the experts.