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How does StoreTech work?

StoreTech utilises people counting devices, including cameras and Wi-Fi detection to collect data on numbers of shoppers and activity. We then provide an intuitive and simple to use platform which operationalises that data to help you make informed business decisions.

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What makes StoreTech different?

Many ‘people counting’ solutions are just that – hardware suppliers who will install the devices you need to measure your traffic, but that give you very little else to help you make the data actionable. StoreTech has developed a light-touch, agile software solution that operationalises the data and allows you to act on it in real-time – the hardware is just the means, it is the intuitive, and incredibly easy-to-use software that makes the StoreTech stand out from the crowd.

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How will StoreTech benefit my business?

Store Tech does the same for your physical stores as Google Analytics does for your website. Our hardware collects footfall and traffic pattern data and then operationalises that data to provide you with insights which will help you improve the customer experience. This will help to increase conversions as you learn to have the right staff, in the right place and at the right time, with lower costs as you can schedule staff according to actual need and prove a ROI as you monitor the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.

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How much does StoreTech cost?

We’ve worked with well-known high street retailers of all sizes, and after 25 years in business, no two businesses have wanted the exact same solution. That makes it very difficult to offer any sort of standard pricing model on our website, but our experienced product managers are always happy to jump on a quick call and, with just a little information, they can provide you with a pretty good estimate based on the size of your operation and your core objectives. If you like what you hear they will offer you a free strategy session so you can see how StoreTech could impact your bottom line.

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We have people counting devices installed but want to upgrade our analytics software. Can you help?

Absolutely – our proprietary software can integrate with most people counting hardware systems, and most customers find that it is the software side that lets them down - so this is something we are often asked to provide.

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I only want footfall information. Can you do that?

In short yes. Our background is turning the footfall data into something that is actionable and can be used to boost conversion and ultimately drive sales in your stores. Many retailers we work with start off with just footfall, but soon want to add a feed from their tills, and then add in the staff scheduling component. Of course, every retailer is different and we’re happy to start off with a light touch and add in components as and when you are ready to step up a gear.

How many footfall cameras do I need?

The mounting height determines the maximum coverage area. Typically we install 60° thermal cameras with a mounting height of 2.2 – 4.8m. For wide entrances, up to 8 devices can be linked together. There are also 40° and 90° field of view devices which can be mounted up to 7.5m.

Why not drop us a quick email with your entrance height x width, and we can let you know exactly how many devices you will require? Email: info@storetech.com

Do we receive data in real-time, or is there a delay?

We find our customers benefit most when the data is provided in near-real-time 30 minute increments. Our aim is always to provide footfall and sales data live throughout the trading day (although we are confined to the retailers own IT constraints), this allows managers to act on the data before the trading day ends. This give stores the chance to change a poor day into a good day, by encouraging the store team to improve their sales-floor performance via our real-time performance dashboard.

Does using people counting devices contravene any privacy laws?

No. People counting devices detect the number of people entering and leaving a store, no personal information is recorded. In particular Thermal sensing technology preserves the anonymity of those that it counts, and no individual can be identified, while still delivering world-class footfall analytics.

What sorts of businesses can benefit from in-store analytics?

Any business that relies on footfall – retailers, supermarkets, airports, shopping centres, museums, nightclubs, opticians and many more all benefit from in-store analytics.

Do you partner with third-party hardware and software solutions?

Yes, absolutely. Our priority is to find the best solution for our clients, so if you have a product you feel may be complimentary please drop us an email with more details and we’ll be in touch. Email: info@storetech.com

Do you work with business outside the UK?

Yes, we have operations across Europe and the USA – please drop us an email and let us know a little about your requirements and we’ll let you know if we can help. Email: info@storetech.com

Do you provide training?

Yes, we provide group and one to one training sessions to ensure you and your employees get the most from our solution, and we’re happy to provide top up training if required. Our priority is making sure you get as much value as possible from using StoreTech, so we’re always on hand to help if required.

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