Understanding your customer and use data driven decision to be successful

Make Intelligent Decisions

For a business to succeed, it needs to be a little bit of a mind reader, predicting what their customers want, where they will go within a store and how they will react to a promotion or a new product placement. The more hard data that can be factored into the decision, the more accurate the results.

Gone are the days when these factors all needed to be manually calculated or data input into spreadsheets. Now, businesses can use StoreTech’s powerful software solution to compile all the data it collects and use it to make meaningful decisions.

First, look at where customers visit in the shop and use this to decide where to place a new promotion. Then you can use the data received after the promotion is placed to see if it is getting the interest you require. If not, where might be a better place to locate it?

This is just one example of how you can use the intelligence you get from comprehensive customer analytics software. It helps predict what customers will do, what they want and allows businesses to maximise profits by fulfilling those wants and needs.

Traffic-based Business Intelligence help retailers understand the impact of many of the following:


Store type and size

Number of fitting rooms, zones and departments

Local conditions and events

Public and school holidays

Promotional activity

Uncover the hidden potential

Real-time actionable insight into shopper behaviour.

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