Our 20 year history, dedicated to performance management solutions

A team of dedicated professionals

StoreTech was founded in 1998, with the goal of developing the best customer-centric performance management solution on the market. We did this in the belief that everything at store level, one way or another, should revolve around the needs of the CUSTOMER.

When it comes to hardware, we are not tied to a specific solution, which allows us to recommend the best people counting hardware (e.g. Video sensors, Thermal Imaging Cameras, or even WiFi tracking technology), or poll traffic data from existing hardware installations.

The StoreTech solution delivers dramatic sales improvements at store level by arming staff with the right tools to make a difference.

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and practical; allowing stores to drive their sales-floor performance, manage productivity and focus on the customer.

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People Counting

Retail Footfall Analytics

Understand your in-store customer traffic patterns in as much detail as your online traffic. Accurately measure footfall and use this to make data driven business decisions.

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Location Analytics

Powerful insight inside and outside of your store

Wi-Fi detection provides offline retail metrics at location, zone, department or display level; from dwell, passer-by, repeat or new visits.

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Getting Started

World class tech and a marketing-leading web portal

We can import footfall data from technology you already own, or recommend and install appropriate devices for your enviroment. Along with taking a feed from your tills we can provide a full range of KPI's via our cloud based portal for stores, field and head office teams.

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