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Discover the benefits of a people counting solution

For over 23 years, StoreTech has been providing performance management solutions to bricks and mortar retail stores.

Understand your footfall opportunity

Uncover invaluable insight into your footfall so you can make data-driven decisions about your business.

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Boost conversion and increase sales

Manage your team with data analytics to drive behaviour and performance. Ultimately turning browsers to customers.

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Deliver a better customer experience

Manage cost and productivity by optimising your business and matching staff levels to demand.

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People counting solutions for your business

StoreTech started measuring offline footfall and conversion analytics before Google was born. Let's discover your most important metrics, welcome to the world of offline analytics.

Footfall Analytics for Retail


To complete with online analytics, its crucial for bricks and mortar retailers to optimise performance, measure conversion rates and improve productivity.

People Counting Analytics for Leisure and tourism

Leisure and Tourism

Museums and galleries benefit from real-time footfall data to understand the customer journey and deliver a better customer experience.

Footfall Analytics for Coffee shops and bars

Coffee Shops and Bars

Understand in real-time your customer flow so you can measure demand, plan for peak hours and deploy staff to customer traffic.

Footfall Analytics for Smart building

Smart Buildings

Facilities managers and building owners can accurately deploy resources based on live occupancy analytics and space utilisation.

Retail Performance Dashboard

A people counting solution that delivers better results

In the offline world understanding your potential starts by knowing your footfall opportunity. Making real-time data-driven decisions based on your unique visitor patterns will help you be more successful and proven to boost conversion, increase sales and enhance the customer experience.

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Retail Scheduling to Demand

Schedule to traffic to optimise staffing to demand

Our cloud-based staff scheduling system has been designed for and is used by top retail high street brands. Simply drag and drop shifts, whilst aligning staff to your historical footfall data via our recommender. Manage payroll costs, improve productivity and optimise your performance.

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Retail Foottfall Solution

A footfall solution that delivers a 6% sales uplift

A performance management solution that really delivers. We help store teams to identify their strongest and weakest days for conversion. This allows them to focus and take measurable actions. Whilst store and area managers find it invaluable in helping them to manage and motivate their teams.

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A Powerful Performance Management Solution

Our SaaS subscription model provides access to a range of components that make up our powerful cloud portal.

Performance Dashboards

Real-time performance metrics from conversion to sales available on any device with a browser.

Integrated Staff Planner

Move from spreadsheet scheduling to easy drag and drop with intelligent staff to demand recommendations.

Powerful Visualisations

Full historical data reporting using built-in collate and compare charts and tables and integrated PowerBi visualisations.

Task Management

Work smarter, communicate, and monitor tasks with ease to improve implementation.

Real-time Occupancy solution

Improve employee and customer confidence, and reduce potential manual counting errors with an occupancy sensor. Ideal for retail, leisure or tourism venues, and the workplace.

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Occupancy people counting Solutions


 People counting insight from the experts.

Irisys People Counters

People Counters

The world's most advanced people counter. PoE time-of-flight infrared IoT sensor.

People counting sensors
Increasing footfall in retail

Increasing retail footfall

Here is our ultimate guide to increasing footfall in retail stores.

Retail footfall guide
Successful people counting solutions

Case Study

Just one of many success stories, where StoreTech supported sales growth of 6%.

Case study