Staff to Traffic

Staffing costs often top the list of expenses for a business and therefore getting the most and the best from each person is crucial to the business’ success. And the key to that aim is the best use of staffing resources.

Staffing numbers is always a balancing act. Too few and you risk offering a poor customer experience while too many and customers feel pressured or uncomfortable. That’s why it is so important to get it right.

Great customer service comes from having the right number of staff available. They should be there to greet customers, offer advice or help if needed and to ensure the shelves are full. There should also be enough people to keep waiting times at tills to a minimum. But how can managers achieve this balance?

The answer is to use StoreTech’s staff scheduling software to achieve data-driven balance in staff numbers. You can analyse past traffic patterns, factor in elements such as holidays and seasonal events and even the weather to better predict what staff numbers you will need to achieve that crucial staff balance.

Staff scheduling; the easy way

Deploy staff to traffic in a very simple but highly effective way to drive real sales improvement and deliver a better customer experience.

Optimise your sales-floor with staff to traffic scheduling

Pick historical visitor data to recommend staffing levels

Enter shifts as easily as you would using an Excel spreadsheet

Set and monitor hours and costs as you create you schedule

Optimise productivity and rebalance your staff hours to when they are really needed

Copy, paste and save your schedules as templates for future use

Import staff details directly from HR systems and export schedules to time and attendance systems

Optimise your sales-floor for success

Real-time actionable insight into shopper behaviour.

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