Maximising Footfall Opportunity

Footfall analytics

Here's our top 40 list:

  1. Be approachable – simple as keeping your door open to entice customers.
  2. Partner with local business – a business that compliments yours could be beneficial to both of you, leaflets, promos in their point of sale.
  3. Move to the street – Get out and speak to customers on the street, hand out flyers – you could pay someone to do this
  4. Build customer loyalty – Loyalty schemes, rewards, discounts.
  5. Consider your offering – make sure you are happy with your products or services, visit competitors to see what they’re offering.
  6. Boost your marketing – let customers know who you are!
  7. Good customer experience – will likely encourage them to come back and spend more money.
  8. Promotions – customers like to get something back in return for their loyalty, coupons, vouchers etc.
  9. Weather – changing weather conditions will affect customer buying behavior. Be flexible, quickly to adapt to changes in the weather.
  10. Trends and events – keeping up with current trends and events in the media etc.
  11. Don’t skimp on maintenance – increase curb appeal – no dirty windows or peeling paint etc.
  12. Curbside extras – sandwich board- welcome people with a witty message or something customers can use e.g. bike shop might have bike racks outside.
  13. Make sure staff look busy – bored looking staff can put off customers.
  14. Offer complimentary services – do your products require maintenance?
  15. Employ stylists and experts – educate shoppers on site.
  16. Hold relevant classes or workshops – depending on what you sell, demonstrate them.
  17. Staff training – if your staff provide a poor service then the shopping experience will fall short.
  18. Work with influencers and brand ambassadors – referral systems that reward brand ambassadors for talking up your company.
  19. Click and collect – pick up from store and they are more likely to buy something else.
  20. Email – keep your customers informed about in-store promotions and events.
  21. Host events – offer your customers an experience they won’t get anywhere else. Partner with like-minded brands, experts and organisations.
  22. Don’t forget about your existing customers – invest in a CRM system to make communication easier, build relationships with your shoppers.
  23. Get online – advertise etc.
  24. Explore social media opportunities – facebook ads etc.
  25. Tell people why your different with an ad campaign.
  26. Portray a positive environment – play music, organize your products and displays, make the browsing experience and enjoyable one.
  27. Trending products – monitor market trends and stock products that are trending – but don’t overstock.
  28. Google Local Inventory Ads (LIA’s)– show current availability in their local store.
  29. Weather Ads – Currently available for AdWords, Facebook and Instagram this is a tool that allows users to respond quickly to fluctuations on demand based on weather changes. For example on a sunny day you can trigger ads to drive visits to your store to view your new summer clothing range.
  30. Appointment booking facility – works particularly well for restaurants, beauty clinics (in department stores?) and bridal shops.
  31. Direct marketing – local leaflet drops to houses and businesses.
  32. Freebies – Give passers a taste of your product – samples, demonstrations.
  33. S.I.Y: Shop it yourself – Self-service technology.
  34. Opening hours – do your opening hours reflect demand.
  35. Returns policy – Welcome returns – you don’t want disgruntled customers who won’t come back.
  36. Transaction value – a sale is an opportunity to add extra value with add-ons and create customer loyalty.
  37. Reward staff – reward staff that are able to upsell.
  38. Get the manager on the shop floor - Find ways of allowing the manager to spend more time on the shop floor, become a recognizable face and build customer relations.
  39. Encourage your customers to get social - ask them to share their positive experiences on social media and create a buzz around your brand.
  40. Queue management – in-queue merchandising and elegant queue management will bring customers in and retain them.

Here is our free infographic on maximising footfall opportunity;

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